Have You Watched “The OA”?

A few months ago, I discovered a show on Netflix called The OA, but I didn’t watch it. Instead, I thought it would be more efficient to read recaps about it, and I even wrote a blog entry that referenced the varying lengths of each episode.

In the comments of that blog entry, a friend urged me to actually watch the show. Then so did a few other friends. And recently I got a new TiVo that lets me watch Netflix on my TV, so a few days ago I needed something to watch, and I chose The OA.

I loved it.

Without spoiling anything, the basic premise of the show (introduced in the first few minutes) is that a woman who went missing years ago mysteriously reappears. Even though she was blind when she went missing, she can now see.

Here are a few things I loved about The OA, spoiler free:

  • The opening credits and song don’t play until 57 minutes through the first episode. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced (in a good way), and it’s really hard to describe why. It’s almost like the show lulls you into a rhythm, and then you’re jolted out of it when you realize a new level of the story has begun. I can’t get the song out of my head.
  • There’s a story within the story, and the characters within both are perfectly written, cast, and acted. It’s those characters that made me realize what I was missing out on when I only read the recaps.
  • Okay, this is going to sound weird, but there’s something fascinating about watching an antagonist who has such a perfectly conceived and executed plan. He’s even kind of sympathetic, and his research raises some questions that would make for interesting ethical debates.
  • The protagonist is also a great character, though you don’t know how reliable of a narrator she is. But as her story veers into something quite speculative, I found myself wanting to believe it was real so badly that it didn’t matter if it wasn’t real (in the context of the show). Though it would be great to have some confirmation in Season 2!
  • I had read that the final episode was somewhat controversial, and I understand why. But it moved me to tears. I really love when people come together in a time of need, especially if the thing they’re doing requires a leap of faith–it hits me in the feels.

If you’re willing to suspend belief for 6-7 hours and watch a brilliant show, I’d highly recommend The OA.

I’d like to make the comments of this post a place where people can discuss the show freely, so beware of spoilers. If you’ve seen The OA, what did you think? Do you have any theories you’d like to share?