Is This How Humans Eat Quesadillas?

On Friday I was enjoying a delicious chicken quesadilla at a barbecue dinner with some friends. The person next to me nudged my elbow and said, “Hey–what are you doing?”


He pointed to my knife and fork, which I was using to cut my quesadilla into bite-size pieces. “That’s not how you eat a quesadilla. Just cut it into 3 triangles and pick it up with your fingers.”

This made no sense to me. The knife and fork combine to deliver the exact amount of quesadilla to my mouth, keeping my hands clean in the process. Surely that’s the best way.

However, others around the table confirmed that this was not the correct method for quesadilla consumption. So today when I made a quesadilla for lunch, I decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a try.

The underlying reason why I was curious to try this method was that I’m interested in the finding the optimal method for eating each type of food. For example, I went out for ice cream yesterday, and instead of using the plastic spoon they provided or licking a cone, I saved a small metal sample spoon and used it. It was perfect.

So I thought maybe my friends were onto something with this “finger food” method of eating quesadillas.

The results? I think my friends are right. It wasn’t nearly as messy as I thought, and apparently my mouth is an even better gauge than a knife and fork at finding and obtaining the perfect bite. Who knew?!

Next they’ll be telling me that people don’t eat cupcakes with a fork. Ha!