I Heart Robots

Alert reader Katie shared with me an amazing video today that simultaneously made me incredibly impressed with how far robot technology has come…and made me laugh out loud.

The video below should begin at the 19-minute mark, which is where the fun begins. Within a few seconds, a robot moves and kicks a soccer ball…and then falls flat on its face.

I’ve watched it several times now, and I laugh out loud every time.

But then, incredibly, the robot gets back up while other robots gather around the ball. Sure, the continue to fall down–a lot–but it’s amazing that robots can move autonomously like this. I think I’m spoiled by CGI robots in movies, but in reality, the sheer number of sensors, lines of code, and moving parts to make these robots move kind of like humans is fantastic.

It also makes me even more impressed with how much biotechnology goes into making humans move around freely without constantly falling down.

Check it out:

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