If You Give a Cat a Cookie…

Are you ready for a completely hypothetical, definitely-not-something-that-happened-t0-me situation?

Let’s say, just hypothetically, that you’re a big fan of cookies. Especially chocolate chip cookies.

We’ll pretend that you have the good fortune of acquiring a big chocolate chip cookie, and you place it on a napkin on your counter while you sit across the room eating dinner. You’re really looking forward to eating that cookie after your meal.

A few minutes into the meal, you hear an odd sound. You look up to see your cat licking the cookie. You tell him to stop, but he doesn’t care. He has found a cookie, and he will continue to lick it until there is no more cookie.

You jump up from your chair and shoo the cat away from your cookie, which you then examine closely. Even though you know it has been licked by a cat multiple times, it looks and smells like any other chocolate chip cookie. It appears normal.

Do you eat the cookie after dinner?

This is purely hypothetical.