What’s the Most Random Thing Your Pet Has Done Recently?

Last night I was reading in my bed, Walter calmly purring at my side, when I heard a THUMP. Even though the sound came from within the room, it took me a moment to realize the source, because it’s not common source of noise.

This is what I saw:

There, on a high windowsill–nearly 5 feet off the ground–was Biddy. At midnight on a Tuesday, he had decided that it was VERY IMPORTANT to be in that exact spot, even though he’s been there maybe twice in his entire life.

He paced, he pawed, he stretched, and he glared:

I went back to reading my book. Eventually he hopped down and curled up on my left side while I finished my chapter.

I love stuff like this. Cats are creatures of habit, but they’re are creatures of absurd randomness, and it’s fun to see them in those moments.

What’s the most random thing your pet has done recently?

2 Responses to “What’s the Most Random Thing Your Pet Has Done Recently?”

  1. Joseph says:

    Our rabbit spent 6 hours chilling in a small box that we had left on the floor yesterday. She is rarely that calm for that long.

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