Have You Ever Taken a Masterclass?

I’m fascinated by Masterclass.

Masterclass is a website where you can sign up to learn from a “master” in a specific field. Their philosophy is that everyone should have access to genius.

For $90, you get access to around 20 videos featuring people like Gordon Ramsay (cooking), Steve Martin (comedy), and Frank Gehry (architecture). That is, you pay $90 for a specific course, not unlimited access to the site. Based on the trailers on the site, the videos are extremely polished, especially the editing.

In an era where you can learn pretty much anything on YouTube for free, I really like the professional feel to Masterclass. Not only are you learning from esteemed, famous people, but it appears that the information is parceled in little steps. Even though Ramsay’s class is over 4 hours, each of the 20 videos teaches something specific, like how to make scrambled eggs, break down a whole chicken, or roll pasta dough.

Perhaps the aspect that intrigues me the most is the concept of “office hours.” Once you sign up for a class, you get unlimited access to the content forever. You can also upload videos of work and ask questions, and the teacher will respond to select questions. How cool would it be for Serena Williams to comment on your tennis swing?!

Also, originally I though that $90 seemed like a lot, but compared to what I paid for college, that’s a steal!

While I haven’t taken the plunge on Masterclass yet, I’m sure I will someday. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve tried it. Also, whose Masterclass would you like to take, whether they’re a current teacher or any potential teacher? I’d like one from Rob Daviau (game design), Brandon Sanderson (writing–though his online courses on YouTube are quite good), Jason Fried (business), and Usain Bolt (sprinting).