Have You Watched “Long Haired Businessmen”?

The answer to this question is almost undoubtedly “no”. As of this posting, less than 4,000 people have watched the video I’m referring to. But I think it’s worth checking out.

I subscribe to the “Funny or Die” YouTube channel, and a few weeks ago a video called “Long Haired Businessmen – Bathroom” popped up in their feed. It’s 20 minutes of 3 actors wearing absurd wigs talking about business in a bathroom.

I was baffled by it. There are no punchlines in the video–there aren’t even any jokes in the video. It’s just 3 guys talking in the most generic way about business with no context at all…for 20 minutes.

Yet I watched the whole thing. I didn’t know why at the time. But now that they’ve released another video, I think I understand.

The latest video is “Long Haired Businessmen – All Hands Meeting.” In terms of concrete content, it’s no different than the previous video, but I think I’ve at least figured out what the shtick is.

I think the point is that these guys are making fun of generic, meaningless, corporate business-speak. They say so much, but they’re not saying anything. While they could easily do this for a 2-minute video, the idioms just build on each other, one after the other. I suspect that 90% of it is improv, which, if true, makes it an incredible achievement. Especially since they never break.

Here’s a sample from early in the video: “Yeah, we wanted to talk turkey, and that turkey is Torrence. Namely, the Torrence Group. And they, as you know, more than anybody, they’re a real bear, a den of bears. So we just wanted to circle the wagons and get everyone looped in.”

This goes on for 20 minutes. 20 minutes!

I’m not sure why they’re wearing the wigs, but it makes the whole thing all the more absurd.

If you’ve ever been privy to this type of corporate talk, I highly, highly recommend this video (or the the bathroom one). If you can figure it out beyond what I’ve said, I’d love to know your thoughts.

3 Responses to “Have You Watched “Long Haired Businessmen”?”

  1. aaron belmer says:

    That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while, forwarded this to my team at work, priceless. Yes this is all about talking for a long time about nothing…in long hair. Amazingly funny

  2. Big Tom Casual says:

    I’m about two minutes into this and cracking up. I love that the one guy has coffee. I loved when the guy knocked on the stall in a ‘knock on wood’ kind of way and the other guy caught himself from doing the same. Hilarious.

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