Pet Please #148: Kindle Samples

As much as I loved getting wrapped up for weeks or months in a new book (currently We Are Legion [We Are Bob]), one of my favorite things is when I haven’t selected my next book to read and I get to try out the various Kindle samples I’ve downloaded.

Let’s back up for a moment, because this pet please runs deep: I’ve found that I really love quick and easy ways to note a recommendation, whether it’s a book, song, movie, game, etc. I love recommendations in general, but in the moment I hear them, I may not be ready to explore it (or there may not be details available yet). So I really like having a specific place to go to note it.

Kindle samples take this to the next level, because I can make the “note” on Amazon by clicking the “send me a sample” button–it takes 2 seconds. Then, on some day in the future when I’m ready to explore new book options, I can peruse these samples in bed.

Also, in general, I really like to get a little taste of something before I go all-in (like the little spoons you get at ice cream parlors). The Kindle samples give me a feel for the author’s prose and storytelling style. This is really helpful when I’m making a decision about what I want to spend my time and money on.

It isn’t actually limited to the Kindle–this is what makes real-life bookstores great too (and libraries, for that matter). You’re free to roam around and read as much of each book as you want, which is awesome.

Do you use accumulated Kindle samples as a way of deciding what to read next?

2 thoughts on “Pet Please #148: Kindle Samples”

  1. I use GoodReads’ app to keep track of what I’ve read and what I want to read. Further, I like it’s suggestion feature if I want to try something similar to a book I’ve read. I also use that last feature on Audible’s app. Hope you’re enjoying We Are Legion – We Are Bob. Book 3 in that series is waiting for me once a finish a few other books. Too many great books to enjoy and not enough time.

    • Nice! I’ve heard great things about Goodreads, though I didn’t know they had an app. I’m really enjoying We Are Legion so far–I appreciate you and others for recommending it!


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