Dream Room #2: Cat Tower Room

My entire condo is basically a playground for my cats. They control most spaces, and they allow me to use the remaining spaces as long as I continue to provide them with food and water. Case in point: Biddy is currently sleeping on my desk chair, and Walter is standing by the food dispenser while staring at my face.

While cats seem to have the ability to make any area a place to play, sleep, and groom, at various stages during their presence in my condo, they have had actual playgrounds like cat towers and big tubes to run through. I’ve culled most of those structures, though Biddy does still have a small plastic-frame fabric tower.

As happy as they seem, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like if they had an entire room designed around their greatest desires. Somewhere they could go to scamper along ramps, perch from great heights, slither through tunnels, and hide in cozy corners. Something like this:

Honestly, it took me longer than I thought to find that photo. There are some cool cat rooms posted online, but most of them are ways that people have integrated cat stuff into their homes in clever ways. I appreciate that, but I’m looking for an entire room devoted solely to my cats.

I think it can be done. As a sidebar, I’d love for there to be a small room just for cat litter. There’s really no good place to put it.

What kinds of things would you fill a room with if you had a space solely for your pets?

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  1. Sean says:

    Agree with cat litter room, Not sure on pets, but I know one of the rooms I’ve thought of is a small server rack room, with adequate cooling for equipment, and a well wired house to boot. Even in modern homes there is no well designed central place to have for networking, servers, wiring, etc. Though most non tech people currently would make use of one, it might be a thing of the future.

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