My Favorite Movies of 2017

Of the 42 movies I watched this year, 8 of them received a 4.5 or a 5 rating (out of 5). More than ever before, I seem to watch popcorn flicks on the big screen and more intimate movies on DVD/Netflix, and this list seems indicative of that trend.

Here are my top 8 movies I watched for the first time in 2017:

8. The Big Sick: This is such an odd movie, yet it works so well. It starts out as a typical dating movie, but then it delves into topics of religion before taking a huge turn when the girl goes into a coma. From then on, the movie is more about the boy and the the girl’s parents, which is a weird premise for a movie, yet it works.

7. War of the Planet of the Apes: This is another odd one, because it’s essentially a gritty war movie about POWs, except it’s mostly about apes, not humans. While I typically don’t enjoy war movies, this film makes it impossible for you not to care about root for the apes.

6. Kong: Skull Island: Have you ever gotten a good vibe from the first few minutes of a movie? I had a moment early on in this film where I thought, “Yes, I am IN!” Every frame of this movie is soaking in style and confidence.

5. Get Out: I almost didn’t watch this film, as I generally stay away from scary movies, but I’m glad I gave this a chance. I hope to see more “social thrillers” like this in the future.

4. Spider-Man: Homecoming: This is the Spider-Man movie I’ve always wanted…and that’s saying a lot, because I generally enjoy Spider-Man movies. I loved the humor, the action, the acting, and the place it occupies in the Marvel universe.

3. Wonder Woman: Of all the movies on this list, I think this is perhaps the one I’m most looking forward to watching again. Gal Gadot is a delight in every way, and I simply love how the movie looks at classic good vs. evil tropes.

2. Logan: I’ve never seen a superhero movie like this, and I don’t know if we’ll ever see one like it again. I’m literally without words in awe that this movie exists in the superhero genre.

1. Thor: Ragnarok: As good as Wonder Woman and Logan are, I flat out had the most fun watching Thor: Ragnarok. It’s beautifully shot, it’s entertaining and thrilling, and it’s laugh-out-loud funny throughout. I love this movie and can’t wait to watch it again.

As I finished this list, I realized that Star Wars: The Last Jedi didn’t make the list. I gave it a 4 out of 5. This isn’t a knock on the movie–it’s a solid movie, and I enjoyed most of it. I’m probably more likely to rewatch it than many movies on this list. So I want to give it credit, but it just didn’t reach the 4.5/5.0 threshold I used for this list.

Are any of these movies on your list? What are some of your favorites that I’m missing out on?

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