Pet Please #152: Cats Carrying Toys in Their Mouths

I wish so badly I had a photo of Biddy doing this, but I’ve never caught him in the act.

Every now and then, I’ll look up to see Biddy trotting into the room with a toy in his mouth. He’ll drop it triumphantly at my feet. Sometimes its his bell toy, sometimes his bug toy, and often a rubber band or hair tie.

It really is one of my favorite things when he does this. I’m not sure why–where else would he carry it?–but it’s incredibly endearing. Especially when he actually transports it from one place to another, not just momentarily chewing on it. The transport shows intent and purpose.

Dogs do this too, and it’s cute, but almost expected. There’s just something special and rare when a cat does it (though there are cats who do it much more often than others).

Because I don’t have a photo of Biddy doing this–yet–I’ll post a few photos I found online of other cats. If your animal has ever done this on camera, please share a link in the comments!