What Should I Do with This Hole?

When I bought my condo 12 years ago, it came with a fancy Italian washer/dryer combo. In principle, it was brilliant: put in a load of laundry, and a few hours later, your clothes emerge both washed and dried.

In practice, it’s been less than ideal. It’s a small machine, so you can only fit a partial load of laundry inside. During spin/dry cycles, the machine would shake so much that I could hear and feel it several rooms away. And eventually the dryer portion just stopped working.

More and more I found myself just using the free, full-size washer and dryer machines down the hall. The final straw came last week when I put a small load in the combo unit, and the clothes emerged smelling like an electrical fire. I figured some internal circuitry had gone bad, and I was one load away from the whole thing going up in smoke.

So today I had the entire thing hauled away, leaving a large gap in my kitchen counter. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Drawers: My kitchen has lots of cabinets but very few drawers–why not add some?
  • Slurpee machine: I love Slurpees!
  • Popcorn machine: I also love popcorn.
  • Storage: Okay, this is less fun, but more storage would be nice.
  • Cat panic room: Protection against tornadoes/zombies/small children?
  • Trash/recycling: Currently these are located elsewhere, but the right configuration would fit well in the hole.

What do you think I should do with the hole? Name one practical and one outlandish idea.