What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commerical?

I got back from a Super Bowl gathering a few minutes ago, and it seems natural for me to talk about commercials before moving on to heavier topics tomorrow (like marriage and all-you-can eat dinners).

Before I reveal my favorite commercial, I should probably explain a few circumstances:

  • I avoided watching movie trailers. I accidentally saw 1 amazing second of the new Star Wars teaser before darting out of the room. I did the same for Infinity War and Jurassic World 2. So they may have been awesome, but I didn’t see them.
  • There were about 15 adults and 5 little kids at the gathering, so the people volume was much louder than the commercial volume. It’s quite possible there was some very clever dialogue in the commercials, but I didn’t hear it.
  • The food was excellent, so I’m sure I missed other commercials while filling my plate.

Anyway, all of that added up to me laughing the hardest at this commercial. Well done, Tide:

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?