Have You Ever Ordered One of Everything?

Every now and then, I read the menu at a new-to-me restaurant menu (like the amazing St. Louis restaurants on this list) and think, “Everything looks so good! How can I possibly choose?”

Usually this results in me picking something and being pretty happy with it, but slightly coveting the dish a friend ordered. It makes me want to return to the restaurant to order that dish and/or other new dishes.

But I have another idea that I’d like to try sometime with the right group of people (6-8 people, ideally omnivores) and the right menu size (10-14 dishes): I’d like to order one of everything.

Specifically, we would agree up front that we would order one of everything and pass the plates around to share. I would pay for all dishes in excess of the number of people, and I would keep the leftovers. Depending on the amount of leftovers, I would keep some in the fridge and freeze others.

In this way, we would all get to figure out our favorite dish from the very first visit. Plus, I would get lots of leftovers, which are my favorite.

What do you think? Can this work? Have you ever done this? The closest I’ve come is at tapas and dim sum restaurants.