My Bachelor Party

I’ve never been married, nor do I plan to be. But if I did, what would my bachelor party look like?

This subject came up the other day at a friend’s bachelor party. It was an all-day affair involving something called demolition ball, axe-throwing, and barbecue dinner at Salt & Smoke. I wasn’t able to make it to the first two events, but I heard they were fun, and the food and company were great at the restaurant.

As things were winding down after the meal, I asked my friends what they had done for their bachelor parties. There was a baseball game, a night out at a bar, and some good food. Nothing too wild.

If I had a bachelor party, I honestly can’t seem myself doing anything other than playing games with friends, eating good food, and maybe having a few drinks for a maximum of 6-8 hours. I don’t like surprises or bars or crowds, I have a company to run, and I like having time to myself.

Sure, a bachelor party is a great excuse to go on an adventure, but if I really wanted to go on an adventure, I probably would have already (or I could do it whenever I want).

What did you do for your bachelor or bachelorette party (or what do you hope to do)?