My Bachelor Party

I’ve never been married, nor do I plan to be. But if I did, what would my bachelor party look like?

This subject came up the other day at a friend’s bachelor party. It was an all-day affair involving something called demolition ball, axe-throwing, and barbecue dinner at Salt & Smoke. I wasn’t able to make it to the first two events, but I heard they were fun, and the food and company were great at the restaurant.

As things were winding down after the meal, I asked my friends what they had done for their bachelor parties. There was a baseball game, a night out at a bar, and some good food. Nothing too wild.

If I had a bachelor party, I honestly can’t seem myself doing anything other than playing games with friends, eating good food, and maybe having a few drinks for a maximum of 6-8 hours. I don’t like surprises or bars or crowds, I have a company to run, and I like having time to myself.

Sure, a bachelor party is a great excuse to go on an adventure, but if I really wanted to go on an adventure, I probably would have already (or I could do it whenever I want).

What did you do for your bachelor or bachelorette party (or what do you hope to do)?

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  1. I would like for mine to last an entire weekend or so. It’ll be a glorified girls sleepover with some arts and crafts, board games, junk food, and movies. I would mostly use my bachelorette party as an excuse to gather 5-6 of my best girlfriends to hang out and be lazy with for a couple of days! ? Hopefully it’ll be a great bonding experience. ?

  2. I’ve attended a few different varieties of bachelorette parties over the years, with the standard “drink a lot, bar crawl, go dancing” ones to the more relaxed version of meeting the bride for dinner and then a chick flick movie night, and would definitely go for the more low-key night in with some close friends if I ever get married and have a bachelorette party.

  3. Biddy is so tall! I had a classic one thrown by my girlfriend who hired Tender Lover, a hot male stripper. Fun was had by all. It wouldn’t have been my choice but it was 1994 and why not? Today I feel a bit differently, and would most likely not be down at all due to my evolving morality/wokeness.

    I will also say I went to several classic men’s bachelor parties w stripper et al, as my friend was a dancer and I went as driver/chaperone/the lamest security ever. It was some of the grossest scariest stuff I have seen as a woman. The pack mentality, coupled with alcohol and naked women was just… I am sure in regular life these were decent enough guys but in these circumstances – let’s just say the vibe was much different than the giggling and irony etc at my party. It could get very dark very quickly. Usually the bachelor was not even really into it and had to perform for his buddies as much as the dancers. My friend would always talk with the groom ahead of time and get a feel for their boundaries to make it as comfortable as possible for the him who would often be tied to a chair for the festivities.

    I hope this isn’t too dark for your page, I guess I am sharing it a/because you asked and b/to show the contrast between then and now and to praise those who want a quiet night of gaming! Much more dignified for all concerned.

  4. Most of my friends have ended their bachelor party (called a Stag Do in the UK) by going on a drinking binge in night cubs etc. I don’t drink and it’s not my sort of thing, so we ended mine by going to a local casino. It’s very bright and clean, they serve free soft drinks and the stakes are low so we all got to have cheap fun to end the night.

  5. We started with golf at a par 3 course. We went to Hooters for dinner (it was a compromise, my best man wanted a super and I said no, I haven’t been to another one since). Then we had a hotel room and hung out in the hotel hot tub with drinks and taking about life. This was almost seventeen years ago, and before I discovered designer board games

    I would do things SOOO much differently today. It would be a gaming weekend with friends with lots of good food (BBQ sounds great!)

    • Thanks for sharing, Joe! That’s a good point that bachelor parties at various times in our lives might look very different.

  6. Me, my brother, and a half dozen friends dressed up as catholic priests and went to Atlantic City with the cover story that this was the last night of seminary before we became priests so we were living it up. Everybody stuck hardcore to the story. Eventually people started believing us. We never really scammed anyone, although we got some free sympathy flashes from dancers who thought they would be the last female’s we’d ever see naked. I think the night ended with a bar brawl at a different strip club that ended up with me getting a tooth punched out by a bouncer dragging my brother out of a scrum. All in all, pretty memorable.

  7. Jamey,

    As I was stationed in England at the time, I had two bachelor parties…one in the UK and one when I returned to the States. The one overseas was a pub crawl in London which lasted well beyond reason, but it was great to have my mates with me the entire afternoon and evening. When I returned home, we actually had a 12-hour marathon D&D session which was brilliant. My friend was a budding chef at the time, so we had great food and drinks for the entire half-day session, which started at about 5 pm and went until early morning.


  8. For me life is usually crazy and getting ready for my wedding was far from an exception to that. So what I wanted most was a time to just spend with my closest friends and take a break from the chaos like we could do when we were younger.

    So 10 of us rented a cabin on a lake for a 4 day weekend. The water was literally 15′ outside the front door. We spent the whole weekend fishing, board gaming, Rp’ing, kayaking, barbecuing, hanging around a campfire, and just enjoying life.

    I’ll be honest we had such a great time we have since made it an annual event that we all look forward to each year.


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