Pet Please #153: Hard Cuts in Movies and TV to Duets

In a recent episode of Brooklyn 99, two of the characters are waiting for a meeting. They happen to be in a karaoke parlor at the time, so one of them shyly mentions that they could sing a song. The other shrugs. “I guess so….”

Hard cut to the two actors singing their hearts out in a duet. This is one of my absolute favorite comedic tropes. I’ve seen this type of scene in a dozen movies and TV shows, yet it never fails to make me laugh.

In thinking of an example for this blog post, I couldn’t think of one better than the classic scene in Tommy Boy. Can you think of any from other movies or television shows? Are you as delighted as I am by this type of scene?

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  1. Joseph E. Pilkus III says:


    That was entertaining during breakfast this morning…thanks!


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