Wait, Do I Have to Throw Away My New Balance Shoes?

Today I was watching a video in which comedian Chris Gethard examines a replay of his last appearance on The Late Show. The video is very funny, particularly something that I don’t want to spoil.

Near the beginning of the video, Chris, noted that he had been wearing New Balance shoes, saying, “None of us knew that New Balance shoes were Nazi shoes back then!”

I had to pause the video. What was this? Was New Balance a Nazi-supporting company? I had never heard of this, which is a problem, because I’ve been wearing the same pair of New Balance shoes for about 10 years now. Have I been sending the wrong message by wearing these shoes?

I dug around a bit and learned that while New Balance did support Trump in the presidential election (they said they believed Trump would keep more manufacturing jobs in the US, despite the fact that they only make 25% of their shoes in the US), the Nazi part isn’t something the company did. Rather, the association is the result of a white supremacist blog urging supporters to buy New Balance shoes.

So this creates less of a dilemma, but a dilemma nonetheless. Do I need to buy new shoes? If so, which brand should I support?