Walter and His “Mama”

For the longest time, I’ve had cold feet when I get into bed. Recently I thought of a solution, and within a few days I had an electric blanked draped over the covers. I heat it up while I’m winding down for the night, and by the time I crawl under the covers, it’s nice and toasty.

I expected the cats to like the heated blanket. What I didn’t expect was to find Walter nursing on it and spending all of his free time on it.

I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s his mother. I call her Mama Blanket.

Case in point: All of these photos were taken at different times throughout the day. Each time, Walter is in a different position. The blanket wasn’t even on, though I turned it on for a few minutes so he could nuzzle against her bosom. He’s a happy boy.

Are your pets affectionate towards any inanimate objects?

10 thoughts on “Walter and His “Mama””

  1. I just got a new heating pad this weekend, and we are having to sign up in shifts! My cats also have extreme affection for a sheepskin pelt I have. We bought it for our baby, she is now 19 and the thing has lost some of its pieces from being washed so often, but it still is a viable sleeping surface. They knead it like crazy and it is almost like a heating pad when they sleep on it as it traps their body heat. I HIGHLY recommend getting one. They are pricey, I looked into replacing mine last year, around $60 and up – I had an ebay price alert going. So one has the pelt, the other has a giant stuffed polar bear. Similar in size, use and function to the pelt. Bonus, I keep it on the chairs, and when guests come over I take them off and my chairs are not covered in cat fur.

    PS I was going over Biddy’s birthday in my mind, for some reason that post endlessly amuses me.

    PPS I have to write you back about Ambassador duties, and a couple things I noticed about Fenris text. That has taken me weeks, but put up a cat post and I am writing back! I actually had an email on today’s agenda, and will try to do it w/in next 48 hours.

          • In the winter, I’ve sometimes used a heating pad to warm up the foot of my bed before crawling in to sleep. Jasper, Hodor, and Gwen tend to congregate around the heating pad when it’s on, and as a result, has also trained Jasper to almost always sleep on/near my feet at night, and naps during the day he is either found in that position or in a nest he’s created from pillows on my couch. He’s also recently taken to spending some “quality” time with a stuffed panda bear that lives in my office (the cats are happy to have him devote his attention and instincts towards the bear instead of them for a change). 🙂

  2. I don’t recall any of the cats we had when I was growing up doing this sort of thing (Or any of the birds my dad used to keep for that matter), but I am reminded of photoset that was doing the rounds a few months ago that I can’t find right now of a snake that was deadly afraid of a stapler, but only one specific stapler, and used another stapler to protect itself from that first stapler until it eventually befriended the first stapler.


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