Walter and His “Mama”

For the longest time, I’ve had cold feet when I get into bed. Recently I thought of a solution, and within a few days I had an electric blanked draped over the covers. I heat it up while I’m winding down for the night, and by the time I crawl under the covers, it’s nice and toasty.

I expected the cats to like the heated blanket. What I didn’t expect was to find Walter nursing on it and spending all of his free time on it.

I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s his mother. I call her Mama Blanket.

Case in point: All of these photos were taken at different times throughout the day. Each time, Walter is in a different position. The blanket wasn’t even on, though I turned it on for a few minutes so he could nuzzle against her bosom. He’s a happy boy.

Are your pets affectionate towards any inanimate objects?