What Animal Would You Least Want to Find in Your House?

Last night I was reading in bed before going to sleep. Walter was in his usual spot by the pillow, purring happily and drooling on the pillow. Here’s what he looks like when he does this:

All of a sudden, he stopped purring, leapt to his feet, and sprang towards the bedroom door. Something was wrong.

This thought crossed my mind as I put down the book: “Is something–or someone–in the house?”

I walked out into the hallway to find both Walter and Biddy growling at the front door. At first I couldn’t tell why they were growling, but after about 5 seconds the footsteps they had heard from all the way down the hall of my building grew audible to my human ears, and they went quiet after the person entered their unit. Problem solved.

As Walter eventually reclaimed his spot by the pillow, I was pleased that I had such an alert home security system. I was also curious how Walter would have dealt with an animal making its way into my condo. Here are a few possibilities:

  • snake
  • rat
  • insects (spider/hornet/bedbugs/tick)

Of animals who could reasonably make their way into my house, a snake is the one I’d least like to see. I’ve heard that cats can hold their own against snakes, though I wouldn’t want to put my boys in that position. I’m not sure what I would do. I’ve done unexpectedly parental things to protect Biddy and Walter from hornets and spiders, but a snake…that’s out of my league.

What animal would you least want to find in your house? Or, even better, what unwelcome animals have you already found in your house?

6 thoughts on “What Animal Would You Least Want to Find in Your House?”

  1. Seagul. Nasty, aggressive, buggers, and since I used to know someone who once had a pigeon fly into her place, it’s not out of the question.l

  2. We had a couple of these nesting in the wall of our previous house: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red-bellied_black_snake

    My wife also found one in our laundry and threw a bucket over the top of it until she could get someone to get rid of it for her (I was at work, 100kms away, so not much help there).

    They aren’t the most poisonous of snakes, I think they are only ranked like 22nd in the world, so they are practically harmless by Australian standards 😉

  3. I can testify that cats can hold their own against snakes!

    I have a ginger tabby cat (aptly named Ginger) who is king of our street. The vet says he is the biggest cat he’s ever seen, but he’s getting old now so he likes to spend most of his time in the house, either curled up on one of our beds or looking out the window.

    But one day, he came in with a bite on his neck. He used to fight a lot, so we didnt think much of it – we just took him to the vets to be sure. But when the vet cleaned the wound, he told us that it was a snakebite. I think he was as shocked as we were – I have no idea where he found a snake in the middle of England, and none of us have ever seen one in the wild!


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