What Is the Perfect Ice Cream Spoon?

A few days ago, a friend mentioned an experiment involving spoons. Subjects were given spoons made out of different metals and moulded into different shapes, and they were asked to eat the same type of ice cream.

As it turns out, the composition of the spoon had a HUGE impact on the perception of flavor. Many of us have eaten off of stainless steel our entire lives, so eating off of wood or gold or vibranium impacts our taste buds.

I eat a little bit of ice cream each night–specifically, Gelati Celeste carted from Virginia to St. Louis–so I want to optimize every bite. I don’t have the budget for a golden spoon, but I decided to enhance my ice cream experience by using a spoon designed specifically for that food.

I found these on Amazon, and after using them a few times, I’m still trying to figure out how I feel. I like how small they are–they encourage smaller bites, making the ice cream last longer. The guitar-like shape is intriguing. I think it’s good, but I’m not sure why. Ice cream still tastes the same, but that’s a good thing. I want Gelati Celesti to taste like Gelati Celesti.

Do you use a special spoon for ice cream? Or is there any dish for which you have a specific utensil? What is the impact of it?

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  1. Jamey:
    You’ve hit a Big Bullseye this time! How could you know that your blog on the Ides of March, a holiday marked by several religious observances, would reach the eyes of the Holder of the Guinness World Title as The Queen of Lowbrow Spoons—more precisely, The Dairy Queen of Lowbrow Spoons? This hard-earned title was bestowed upon me based on my experience as the proud owner (over time) of 14,000 DQ Spoons (4 per week for 3,500 weeks), not only to consume my weekly DQ quart, but as my most indispensable kitchen tool. Indeed, I never travel without an abundant supply of DQSs. In fact, the grandchildren of my hosts beg to play Pick-Up Spoons with the incredibly versatile DQSs as exercise breaks during board game marathons on rainy days. When friends asked me why I chose Bellingham for relocation from DQ-deprived L.A., I promptly replied that it offered (and still does) the Top DQ in the country! My current supply of DQSs fought over who would be part of the tiny minority honored by appearing in their picture! But, alas, I see that this blog won’t attach that photo, so I can only say that they are eye-popping red, tall, svelte, flexible, meltable ?, and unconditionally lovable!

    • Jamey Stegmaier says:

      14,000 DQ spoons?! That’s so many! 🙂 It’s fascinating to me that you chose a plastic spoon as your favorite way to eat ice cream–I think it may be my least favorite style of utensil.

      • Ah, but the LONG-HANDLED DQS is SO versatile for other things, like snacking on small bites of assorted leftovers straight from the frig between meals, and getting the last bit of mayo out of the bottom rim of the jar. And for eating soft ice cream, the edges of the small spoon part don’t extend out beyond the ice cream and don’t get cold, both of which would detract from my enjoyment of the taste experience. BTW, I hate short-handled plastic spoons, including the DQ ones, but the light weight long-handled DQ spoon provides just the right amount of leverage.

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  3. Clayton Carter says:

    I absolutely use a special spoon for ice cream. For 15 years I’ve had this one spoon just for it. It even has the words “Chocolate Chip” etched on it! It’s from a limited run Pottery Barn set of four ice cream spoons made and sold only once way back in 2003. It is made of 18/8 stainless steel, and the spoon handle is literally 1/8” thick. Not only is the top the perfect shape (smaller with a slight rounded point to it) but it’s also bend-proof and nigh indestructible. Looks the same today as it did the day I found it at a thrift shop. Im not kidding, this is the spoon you’d sneak in to prison with you if you wanted to ‘Andy Dufresne’ your way out of your cell wall one day. It is 8” long, so a bit longer than average but not crazy long (and flimsy) like shake-stirring spoons. The metal chills with the ice cream so it definitely makes every bite of the ice cold B&J’s New York Superfudge Chunk I chisel out taste better. Not trying to make you jealous, just wondering why there aren’t more perfect ice cream spoons like this out there… and more people asking for a better spoon like you folks. Now, the good news for me (bad news for you) is that I finally found two full sets of these spoons on eBay this week. My family is thrilled to not have to fight over who gets the good spoon on ice cream dessert nights! And my future guests, well they have no idea the treat they are in for if the evening game night or Sunday dinner soirée ever turns to ice cream for the finale.

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