Have You Eaten a Pizza Burger?

Last week I ate a burger with two glazed donuts as the buns, and it gave me an idea: What if I made a burger with two pieces of pizza as the buns?

So I did (it was an idea that was ridiculously easy to execute). I bought a Totino’s frozen pizza, baked it, grilled a burger in a iron skillet, cut the pizza into quarters to form the buns, and ate it.

I loved it. Totino’s cheese pizza is a guilty pleasure of my, and because of the gooey deliciousness of it, the concoction mostly tasted like pizza. But the burger enhanced the overall flavor and added some extra protein.

As you can see in the photos, because I turned the pizza inwards, it wasn’t even very messy. It may even be slightly healthier than what I normally do with a Totino’s pizza (eat the whole thing).

Would you eat this? If so, I highly recommend trying it. Then try the ramen burger I made a few years ago. What should I use next as buns?

2 Responses to “Have You Eaten a Pizza Burger?”

  1. Charles Dionne says:

    A local burger joint teamed up with a pizzeria a little over a year ago to make a pizza burger. From what I understand, they only make it available a few times a year but the concept sounds delicious (it helps that it combines one of the best burger and the best pizza in the city). Hope to try it someday!


  2. Jeff Grey says:

    I’ve had the vegetarian version of that: 2 cheese pizzas smashed together.

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