My Thoughts on Infinity War

I may get into spoilers at some point in this post, but I’ll make it VERY clear when I get to that part. Until then, you’re safe to read this.

Long story short, I was super excited about the Infinity War movie, and it exceeded my expectations. If you haven’t seen it, and you’ve enjoyed other Marvel movies, it’s a must-see film.

It’s a rare movie that I may need to see in the theater again, partly for the sheer spectacle of it, and partly because my viewing experience was quite subpar. I watched it from the balcony of the Moolah theater, my go-to theater for big movies like this, and the both the audio and the visual aspects were terrible. They left two huge lights on for the entire movie (I thought it was a mistake and reported it about 10 minutes into the movie, but they said they now leave them on for safety reasons), and I literally couldn’t hear half the dialogue in the movie due to the volume (which I thought might just be the sound mixing, but a friend saw the movie at another theater and said the dialogue was perfectly clear).

Anyway, despite all that, I found the movie to be immensely entertaining. There are so many memorable moments in the film–entrances, exits, action scenes, funny lines, etc. I’m amazed that the directors and writers integrated so many different characters into the movie and still managed to make it feel like a cohesive whole.


I loved that the movie was largely about Thanos. It’s a heist movie from the perspective of the bad guy, and he’s riveting from start to finish. I was worried about the CGI required for Thanos, but Marvel pulled it off perfectly.

One of the biggest surprises to me was how interesting and powerful Thanos’ teammates were. Sure, there are generic hordes of faceless bad guys that Marvel seems to think are obligatory for an Avengers movie, but the best fight scenes are between individual characters. It was really cool how several of them had their roots in a previews Marvel movie (the dark elf, Skrull, etc).

I went into the movie suspecting that several characters would die and Thanos would win (maybe not complete the Infinity Gauntlet, but win). After all, we already knew this was Part 1 of 2. I didn’t necessarily think Marvel would wipe out half of all living life, though, along with many heroes. I’m sure they’re not truly dead, but it seems like a good move to reduce the number of characters to juggle for at least the first third of Part 2 (and a little bit of room to introduce new characters).

Just some quick thoughts/theories:

  • It’s interesting that the original Avengers core remains. There must be a reason for this.
  • It seems to make sense that Dr. Strange saw the 1 reality where the good guys win, and it involved Tony Stark living.
  • Is the Infinity Gauntlet still functional? I had to run to the bathroom at the end, but my friends said it looked like the gauntlet was broken.
  • Will we see Adam Warlock in Part 2?
  • Will Ant Man and the Wasp travel into the soulstone for a heist?
  • Does the story of Captain Marvel–a movie set in the 1990s–take place in an alternate reality, and she’ll jump over to the Infinity War reality in Part 2?

What did you think of the movie? Do you have any theories about what happened or what will happen?

13 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Infinity War”

  1. I think Captain Marvel will be one of Nick Fury’s “secrets” that he’ll conveniently share with everyone else when he needs to.

    I think it will be still the same dimension (Earth 454) if my memory serves me right and just another origin story.

  2. I agree with your experiences. I had a hard time hearing the audio over the audience’s laughter. I’ll decibel need to see it again.

    Obviously, they’ll do something to undo the half of everyone dying. And you’ve got to be right about Dr. Strange giving up the time gem to save Tony. I don’t think he changed his mind about protecting the stone over Tony. I think it was the only way.

    I know they’ll undo it for meta-gaming reasons lol. Black Panther was such an enormously successful movie. There’s no way they’d get rid of him this soon.

  3. I absolutely loved the movie & appreciate that I still find my mind drifting back to it. It was a very high energy film which seemed to jump from 1 epic battle to the next as if all other films were just leading up to this 2hr+ final battle. I also enjoyed the dept of the Thanos character and how he got the Soul Stone (everything about that scene, including Red Skull gave me chills).

    There are however a few things I would have liked to gone a different way…
    – No Hulk was odd. To go from the rampage driven super hero to a timid beast seems very much against who the hulk is.
    – No Death. Since the first Avengers movie where it’s teased to fight the Avengers is to court death, I thought we would see some form of Death since in the comics Thanos story revolved around impressing Death. I thought this would happen with the Soul Stone reveal but a minor disappointment for me.
    – Pepper Potts. Are we supposed to pretend Iron Man 3 didnt happen (not a deal breaker)?
    She gained special abilities in Iron Man 3 so it seems odd she would just sit on the sidelines during an Alien invasion.
    – Come on Star-Lord. The only predicable part of the movie (for me) was when Star-Lord couldnt contain himself and attacked Thanos, preventing the gauntlet from being removed. What made this worse is it happened right after the Soul Stone scene which I never say coming.

    Even with these minor issues, it exceeded my high expectations and is one of the best movie experiences of my life, 2018 is proving to be a great year of movies with Avengers, A Quiet Place and The Greatest Showman (saw it in 2018) leading my top 3 films of the year.

    • No Hulk was odd especially since the trailer shows him running with them in the Wakanda fight.

      I missed the Death love from Thanos as well, but obviously they’ve edited for time, which is fine.

      Pepper Potts. I actually like this. I like the idea of someone getting powers without asking and then saying, you know what, I’m not changing my life because of this. Not everyone wants to be a superhero.

      Yeah, Star Lord’s actions were difficult to watch, but they worked with the character who always acts emotionally without thinking about the consequences.

  4. > ” it seems like a good move to reduce the number of characters to juggle for at least the first third of Part 2″

    There aren’t any movies coming out prior to Avengers 4 that take place after Avengers 3. Ant Man + Captain Marvel both take place before Infinity War.

  5. It’s a pretty good testament to what they’ve built that you can have a movie with that many characters and still care about so many of them.Glad they gave Thanos the focus and development he needed. I was glad to see Jim Starlin’s contribution mentioned in the credits.

    I had expected Adam Warlock to make an appearance, and for his cocoon at the end of GotG 2 to be the housing of the Soul Stone, but whatever.

    I wonder (and am a little nervous about) how they’ll try to make Avengers 4 into a good story knowing that we all know they’ll end up using the time gem to reverse everything.

    • I’m not so sure we all know that–I certainly didn’t know that. 🙂 I actually don’t think Marvel would do that. So far they’ve limited the use of that stone, and for good reason. If you can use it all willy-nilly, there are no consequences. My theory is that the soul stone will be the key to bringing all the heroes back into existence, not the time stone.

    • LOL Jamey you should have asked for no comic book spoilers for the next movie.

      I do think the time gem is an obvious move to undo the half-dead issue. I hope they figure something else out and surprise us all.

      • Oh, I’m okay with comic book spoilers. 🙂 I read one of the Infinity Wars series when I was a kid, and since Saturday I’ve watched a bunch of videos. I think they hint at possibilities but don’t point to a specific answer. I look forward to being surprised by Part 2!

  6. I really enjoyed it, especially the ending where so many characters disappeared (I’m not going to say died, not just yet).
    I was disappointed in the fridging of Gamora; I am so over killing female characters to further male characters storylines.
    Also, I missed Hawkeye! Hopefully he’s back in part 2, since we didn’t see him disappear.


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