What’s the Most Outlandish Burger You’ve Ever Eaten?

I’ve learned something new about myself this year: I love outlandish burgers.

I mostly have Hi Pointe Drive Thru to blame, as they create a unique burger every day (my favorite so far is a Korean-inspired burger on a bao bun). But Hi Pointe has competition from Layla for the best burger in St. Louis, and every now and then they have a truly special burger.

That was the case a few days ago when I went to Layla with a few friends. While I was waiting to be seated, I noticed this on the wall:

I had heard of burgers with donut buns, but I’d never had the opportunity to try one. So of course I had to order it. Here’s what it looked like:

Only ate half to stave off the heart attack, as this was a hearty burger. I don’t always like sweet and savory together, but the donut really added to the experience. I liked it! Though I think think the strawberry jam just made it a little too sweet.

Someone on Instagram mentioned a burger they ate that used full grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns, which has me pondering ideas for other unique buns and ingredients. What’s the most outlandish burger you’ve ever eaten, and how was it?