Would You Eat Crickets on Survivor?

A tradition on the TV show Survivor is to have one competition involving local “delicacies”–things like cow eyeballs, sea cucumber, and giant grubs. Most contestants grimace through these eating competitions, with only a few relishing the opportunity to get some precious protein in their bodies.

I host a Survivor night every 2 weeks for a few friends and their dogs. When I saw the preview at our last gathering for a “local delicacy” episode, I decided to cook a special meal for my friends: 7-layer dip with cricket chips as the utensils.

The dip itself (which, admittedly, only had 6 layers: refried beans, white cheddar, turkey, Hacienda salsa, sour cream, and shredded lettuce–I refuse to put olives on my food) didn’t contain anything weird. The chips–called Chirps–were the oddity. They’re made out of cricket flour.

Chirps pretty much just taste like chips, but they have a higher protein level thanks to the cricket flour. A few of my friends embraced them, while others went for the traditional Mission chips. I have to say, though, as much as I love Mission, I actually think the cheddar Chirps were perfect for this dip. I genuinely enjoyed them, and I’ll be using them when I eat leftovers tomorrow.

How would you fair in one of these “local delicacy” challenges? Would you have eaten my dip with Chirps?

6 thoughts on “Would You Eat Crickets on Survivor?”

  1. Jamey,

    Turkey was an interesting choice for an “x”-layer dip. The chips sound interesting, and I would probably eat them because they appear like chips that I’ve eaten my entire life.


    • Yeah, in my family growing up we ate our tacos with turkey instead of beef. I like beef tacos, but turkey feels like home.


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