Would You Take Your Pet to the Theater?

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I finally got to see Isle of Dogs this past weekend after the previous weekend’s failed attempt. It’s a delightful movie. Wes Andersen excels in stop-motion, the dogs are funny and quirky and relatable, and I loved the Japanese setting (though my Japanese is so rusty at this point that I only caught words here and there, not entire sentences). I highly recommend it.

As the theater filled up, I couldn’t help but think of this article I read about a clever promotion by the movie studio. A few weeks ago there was a special screening of the movie in New York where people were encouraged to bring their dogs. They include the best red-carpet photos ever.

It appears that the dogs were remarkably well behaved. If you have a dog, do you think he/she would sit still in a movie theater seat for 2 hours while surrounded by dogs and while watching a movie full of dogs?

I know for sure that my cats would have none of it. They would hide in their cat carriers for the entire movie, even if I tempted Biddy with popcorn (he loves popcorn, which I have to be careful about, because he doesn’t floss). Maybe I can test that theory during the sequel, Isle of Cats.

Would you take your pet to the theater?

3 thoughts on “Would You Take Your Pet to the Theater?”

  1. I needed that laugh at the bottom of the post! Biddy!!! That would make a good post – what is the odd thing your pet eats. My Eva Catgoria loves feta cheese, only thing she will beg for. I once had another cat who loved fried onions. Who knew?

    • I can see cats liking feta cheese, but fried onions is quite a peculiar choice! Walter loves potato chips, and likes meats, cheeses, salad, popcorn, ice cream…he’s like his papa.

  2. I have to say, as someone who has never had (nor, I suspect, will ever have) a pet, I couldn’t imagine taking a pet to the movie theater. I understand the draw, but at $12-$15 per ticket, I wouldn’t want my movie ruined by a bunch of dogs and cats in the theater. Now, maybe, they can be well behaved for a 2-hour flick, but to me it just seems peculiar.


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