4 Heist Movies and a Kitten

Over the last week or so, I watched 4 heist movies, one of my favorite genres of film. I thought I’d share my brief reactions to them and get your thoughts in case you’ve seen them.

Bottle Rocket: This is one of Wes Anderson’s early films, and his special sense of humor is on full display. I enjoyed the love story more than the heist, though, as the heist itself is a minor part of the film.

Point Break: While there are a few quick heists in this movie, they’re just quick bank robberies. However, for a movie made nearly 30 years ago, it holds up as extremely well directed by Kathryn Bigelow, and it’s quite entertaining. There are two breathtaking skydiving scenes.

Infinity War: This movie is many things, but I think one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much is that the running plot thread is about how Thanos steals/obtains the infinity gems. I saw this a second time last week, this time in a theater where they turn off the lights and have proper volume levels, and it solidified how much I enjoy it.

Logan Lucky: Despite the stellar cast and direction by Soderbergh (the director of Ocean’s Eleven), I overlooked this movie when it was in theaters because of the weird title and because it was billed as a bumbling heist movie. Don’t let the marketing fool you: This is one of the smartest heists in any movie, ever. The heist itself takes nearly half the movie (not the setup for the heist–the actual heist in motion), and I was riveted for every moment of it. If you like heist movies and you haven’t seen Logan Lucky, I highly recommend it.

Have you seen any of these films? I still need to watch Heat.

Oh! I promised a kitten. Here’s Biddy on the couch next to me an hour ago.

3 thoughts on “4 Heist Movies and a Kitten”

  1. Yes! Logan Lucky was so great. Every great heist movie has the twist where everything looks like it’s going wrong, but it’s actually how they planned it all along. What makes a great heist movie is when you know that going in, and it still surprises you. This one did that in spades. Great character acting all the way around too.

    • “What makes a great heist movie is when you know that going in, and it still surprises you.” I agree 100%!


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