How Physically Close Do Your Pets Get to Each Other?

Biddy and Walter are friends about 25% of the time. The other 75% is spent either avoiding each other, meowing at each other, sitting in each others’ spots, and occasionally wrestling.

“Friends” might even be a strong word. Let’s go with “interactive acquaintances.” Here are a few of those recent interactions:

Walter spends a lot of time on this specific chair, and Biddy spends a lot of time on the table. Sometimes they switch.

This is an incredible rare sighting. Not only were the two cats on the same blanket at the same time, but Walter was there first and Biddy chose to join him.

I finished my dinner to find Walter sitting on this canvas grocery bag. Biddy, of course, had to investigate.

Biddy had first dibs on the sunshine on this day, but Walter (who is actually smaller than Biddy, even though it doesn’t look that way in this photo) declared himself Solar King.

This is Biddy waiting to grab a few pieces of kibble after Walter finishes eating. For some reason he put his face directly in the path of Walter’s bushy tail.

Finally we come full circle to the chair and table.

How do your pets interact?