Talking About Games in My Sleep

Last night I had a vivid post-apocalyptic dream. In the middle of it, I got out of bed to use the bathroom, and when I feel back asleep, I had a different dream in which I told people about the dream I just had. Super meta. I liked it.

This was a reminder that I haven’t posted a sleep talk video in a while. You see, I discovered a while ago that I talk in my sleep, so I bought an app called Sleep Talk that records whenever I say something. It happens a few times a month, not every night.

These are 100% real things that I said while fully asleep. It’s just me and my cats–I’m not saying these things to another person. Be forewarned: It’s a little weird to listen to someone else talk in their sleep. I’ll try to quote what I’m saying so you can read instead of listen if you prefer.

Feel free to interpret these as you wish. I’m pretty sure several of them are about board games.

Have you said anything in your sleep recently or had any meta-dreams?

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