Top 10 Games I Want to Play at Geekway

In a few weeks I’ll have the pleasure of attending my favorite game convention, Geekway to the West, here in St. Louis. It’s basically 4 days of playing tons of different board games with people I’ve never met or rarely get to game with.

I’ve been keeping a list of games I want to try out for the first time at Geekway. If you’re attending the convention and want to play one of these games with me, hunt me down at Geekway so we can play it (I play it loose at Geekway–I don’t schedule anything in advance). If it’s a game you own and love, you can bring it; otherwise Geekway has a great play-and-win section and library that might have the game.

The qualifications for these games are that (a) I haven’t played them and (b) no one I know owns them. Basically, I’m curious about these games as both a gamer (who might buy them if I love them) and a designer (who wants to learn from clever designs).

In no particular order, here are the top 10 games I want to play at the first time at Geekway, followed by some honorable mentions I’d also love to play. A lot of these have come from recommendations people have made on my game design YouTube channel. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some games that people have recommended; I’m certainly open to expanding the list!

  • Groves (in play-and-win)
  • Indian Summer (in play-and-win)
  • Whistle Stop (in play-and-win)
  • Civilization
  • Carson City
  • Santa Maria
  • Raiders of the North Sea
  • Wendake
  • Goa
  • The Golden Ages

Honorable mentions: Outlive, Mountains of Madness, Lords of Vegas, Medieval Academy

What are you looking forward to trying for the first time at upcoming conventions? Which of the games on my list would you recommend?

18 thoughts on “Top 10 Games I Want to Play at Geekway”

  1. The play and win list is so good this year. The ones I’m most looking forward to are Azul, Clans of Caledonia, Rajas of the Ganges, Whistle Stop, Magic Maze, Noria, Oracle of Delphi, La Granja: no Siesta, Photosynthesis, and Pulsar 2849.

    I’m bringing my 9-year-old daughter this year. I told her that the Creator of Charterstone would be there and she got really excited. Perhaps we might convince you to join us in a game of Medieval Academy or Whistle Stop? See you there in two weeks!

    • Lots of great games on your list, Joe! I’ve played Azul, Clans of Caledonia, and Rajas of the Ganges, and I’m a fan of all of them. I’d be happy to join you for a game of Medieval Academy or Whistle Stop!

  2. Hey Jamey, I recommend if you get a chance to play Raiders of the North Sea to play it with at least the Hall of Heros expansion. The base game is great but Hall of Heros added in quest tiles that I feel added some additional options for scoring VPs that was freshing to have. It also added another worker placenent spot that let’s you influence your hand of cards a bit better too. Either with or without it I think you will enjoy the place a worker and pick up a worker mechanic.

    • Thanks Steve! I enjoyed that mechanism in Coldwater Crown, so I’d like to give it a try in this game. I appreciate the Hall of Heroes recommendation.

  3. I’ve only played Santa Maria from your Top 10 but I think it’s definitely worth trying. It’s a solid dice drafting game with some interesting mechanisms. I just wish the artwork was a bit more inspiring.

    Out of your Honorable Mentions, I think Moutains of Madness would be a good one to try at a Con. It’s silly but entertaining to play with other gamers and it’s definitely good for a few laughs.

    • Charles: Great! I’m eager to try that one. And I agree that Mountains of Madness sounds like a good fit for a convention.

  4. Great list. I’m intrigued by your inclusion of Golden Ages. It seems to be popping up in different places, but I don’t remember hearing much about it previously. What has piqued your interest with Golden Ages Jamey?

    • I’ve had it on my list for a while, but I keep missing out on it. This year will be the year! 🙂

  5. I would really suggest trying Raiders of the North Sea. The way workers are placed and turns are taken is one of my favorite mechanics in a worker placement game. I also love the strategy of planning around the different colored meeples.

    I am planning for Gencon events today. Some games I’m really hoping to try are Cat Lady, an upcoming game called Meeple Steeple, My Little Scythe, Roll Player and Terra Mystica.

  6. I’ll be bringing Kolejka again this year- taught it to some folks last year who requested I bring it back. Also hoping to get a play of Nusfjord in – provided I can arrange it with the person bringing it to the convention. See you there!

  7. Bummer, I thought Geekway to the West was somewhere on the west coast. I own three of those games and know how to play about half of them. Would be great to meet/play a game with you sometime. If you’re ever in the SoCal area, do let me know!

  8. Jamey,

    Among the games you want to try, I own, played, and have taught Raiders of the North Sea. It’s a very clever worker-placement games, which, along with the cards make a great experience for the players. don’t forget about the Valkyrie Track…you’ll thank me.



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