Top 10 Games I Want to Play at Geekway

In a few weeks I’ll have the pleasure of attending my favorite game convention, Geekway to the West, here in St. Louis. It’s basically 4 days of playing tons of different board games with people I’ve never met or rarely get to game with.

I’ve been keeping a list of games I want to try out for the first time at Geekway. If you’re attending the convention and want to play one of these games with me, hunt me down at Geekway so we can play it (I play it loose at Geekway–I don’t schedule anything in advance). If it’s a game you own and love, you can bring it; otherwise Geekway has a great play-and-win section and library that might have the game.

The qualifications for these games are that (a) I haven’t played them and (b) no one I know owns them. Basically, I’m curious about these games as both a gamer (who might buy them if I love them) and a designer (who wants to learn from clever designs).

In no particular order, here are the top 10 games I want to play at the first time at Geekway, followed by some honorable mentions I’d also love to play. A lot of these have come from recommendations people have made on my game design YouTube channel. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some games that people have recommended; I’m certainly open to expanding the list!

  • Groves (in play-and-win)
  • Indian Summer (in play-and-win)
  • Whistle Stop (in play-and-win)
  • Civilization
  • Carson City
  • Santa Maria
  • Raiders of the North Sea
  • Wendake
  • Goa
  • The Golden Ages

Honorable mentions: Outlive, Mountains of Madness, Lords of Vegas, Medieval Academy

What are you looking forward to trying for the first time at upcoming conventions? Which of the games on my list would you recommend?