What Is Your Chosen Scent?

My best Zoolander.

8 years ago, I decided that my scent would be Old Spice Pure Sport.

I don’t remember the exact moment I made this decision, but it was absolutely a decision I made. I wanted to choose my scent based on something I liked and something I thought others might like too.

So I bought Old Spice Pure Sport deodorant and Old Spice Pure Sport Bodywash, and I’ve continued to buy and use them ever since.

But then, a few weeks ago, I changed my mind. I wanted a change. Or, more aptly, I wanted an addition.

Because as much as I like deodorant and bodywash, unless I stick my nose in my armpit or I’m fresh out of the shower, I can’t really smell them (nor can anyone else). Scents have a powerful impact on me, and I wanted to add something more distinct.

I researched “best cologne” and “cologne women like most,” and I found one on a few lists that was available in a tiny size (cologne is expensive!): Versace Eros.

I’ve been dabbing on my neck every couple of days, and I like it! I’m not 100% sure that I’ll stick with it when I finish the sample bottle, but we’ll see.

Was there a moment in your life when you chose your scent? What did you choose?

6 thoughts on “What Is Your Chosen Scent?”

  1. I can speak at length about this! I have a sensitive nose, so I’ve always been drawn to scents. I started wearing cologne in high school. I’ve tried many different colognes over the years, most for a while (or until the bottle was empty). For a long time it was Lolita Lempicka. Now, I use Musgo Real Classic as daily soap. My current cologne is Creed Green Irish Tweed, which I picked up while traveling last year. Sometimes I don’t wear it and instead use a scented lotion, Noble Isle’s Whisky and Water. The common threads in those are woods and vanillas.

    Anyway, I feel too much like Patrick Bateman right now.

    • Very interesting! Thanks for sharing, Dave. I like the smell of vanilla, so I may try to test some of those.

  2. I can’t stand any cologne or perfume (and sometimes particularly potent deodorants bother me, too). Working in a field that either strongly discourages or outright prohibits the use of most scented things can sensitize you to such things…

  3. The one that I like the most (and that seems to get the occasional compliment on me) is Acqua di Gio by Armani.

    On a separate note, I find it fascinating that one cologne (or perfume) could smell brilliant on one person yet make a second person smell like he rolled around on a dead rat. Interesting how scents work with our body chemistry/makeup, eh?


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