What Is Your Favorite Cover of a Song?

There’s a scene in Logan Lucky–a fantastic heist movie–where a young woman sings John Denver’s classic song, “Take Me Home, Country Road.” By sheer coincidence, I watched another movie a few days later (Kingsmen: The Golden Circle) that prominently features the same song.

So you could say that the song got stuck in my head a bit. I bought the John Denver version, but it wasn’t quite doing the job, so I went hunting on YouTube for covers of the song.

That’s where I found that there are so many covers of songs on YouTube.

I really like seeing how different people put their personal spin on the same song. Different voices, paces, instruments…I don’t know much about music, but I know what I like when I hear it. So it’s nice to have a variety of options.

What’s your favorite cover of a song? If you prefer it to the original, why is that?