What’s Your Jury Duty Story?

10 hours from now I’ll begin jury duty.

This will be the fourth time in the last 7 years that I’ve been summoned to serve in St. Louis City, where I live. For me, it’s a dichotomous duty: I’m proud to perform my civic duty, but I’m also the only full-time employee at a company that is my sole source of income. It’s at least 2 days where I can’t serve my customers for 10 hours.

The first time I served, I sat in a room with hundreds of other people for 2 days and never got called. I think that happens if there aren’t enough cases for all of the potential jurors, something the court doesn’t know until that week.

The second time I served, I got called right away, but I was dismissed on the second day because I didn’t answer the lawyer’s questions the way he wanted me to.

The third time I got called fairly early and was dismissed midway through the second day because of an answer I provided.

What’s your jury duty story? Have you ever been called?