For Restaurant Food, What Is Your Desired Ratio of Known to New?

Proof that I cook at home too! Baked chicken tonight.

I had a few delicious meals/desserts at restaurants this past weekend–including Louie, Clementine’s, St. Louis Coffee House and Creperie, and Nudo House, in case you’re in St. Louis–and a question arose in several conversations:

For restaurant food, what is your desired ratio of known to new?

That is, when you eat at a restaurant, how often do you order something you already know you like versus something you haven’t tried?

For me, I think it’s around 3:1. I eat out a few times a week (lunch or dinner), and for most places on my list, I have a dish that I know I love, and I get that dish.

But I also love specials. I love the idea of a chef concocting something unique that may only be available today. There’s also probably a little bit of “fear of missing out.”

What about you–what’s your ratio?

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