How Do You Make Your Autograph Unique?

Every now and then, someone asks me to sign their board game. (A game I designed, not a random game.) It always makes me feel good, and they walk away with something they wanted. Win-win.

This happened a bunch of times at a recent convention, and I’ve decided that I need to do something more special whenever someone gives me the honor of signing their game. It’s a unique mark, but if I’m always just signing my name the same way, it’s less unique.

A few times when I’ve autographed the inside lid of a box, I’ve included a short note specific to that person. Though even that feels a little weird, because what if they someday sell it or pass it on to someone else? Also, writing in the inside of a box is awkward–it’s difficult to write much at that angle.

So I’m trying to think of something short, snappy, clever, variable, and not too personal to write above or below my name when I autograph games. A go-to method that I can always remember and quickly plug in something special for that moment.

I don’t know what this should be, so I’m genuinely looking for help here. A bad example is if I always wrote down the color of the person’s shirt above my signature. Obviously that doesn’t make sense, but I’m using it as an example because it’s unique without being too personal, it’s something I can think of at a moment’s notice, it’s easy for me to remember and conceive of even if we’re in a loud place, and it’s short.

What do you think? Any ideas? What method would you use if people asked for your autograph every now and then?