What’s the Best Bakery You’ve Even Eaten Your Way Through?

“One of everything, please.”

I came pretty close to saying that when I recently visited Nathaniel Reid Bakery per the recommendations of a few friends and the best food blog in St. Louis. When you walk in, you’re greeted with an impressive array of pastries and smells in the air to indicate that they really are baked just a few feet away.

A friend and I visited this magical place for the first time a few days ago, and we started off slow: We each selected a croissant and sat by the window to savor them. I ordered a chocolate croissant, which was very good, but I’m grateful my friend gave me a bite of her dish, because she selected something I will order every time I return to this place: a twice-baked chocolate almond croissant. While it sounds similar, it’s much more dense, almost like baklava with chocolate gooeyness inside and a decadent spread of almonds and powdered sugar on top. It was amazing.

I then ordered a bunch of stuff to take home and eat over the next few days: 2 mararons (chocolate and espresso, both delicious), 1 chocolate chip cookie (delicious), 1 Italian loaf (delicious with and without butter), another twice-baked chocolate almond croissant (I should have ordered even more), and 1 chocolate entremet (a fancy little cake with a mousse-like texture…so good).

I highly recommend this place. What’s one of your favorite bakery experiences?