Which Comedian and Which Car?

If you were to drive around in any car ever invented for a few hours with a famous comedian, which car and which comedian would you choose?

This is essentially the question Jerry Seinfeld gets to answer whenever he films an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I like that he took a few of his favorite things and mashed them together into a TV show.

After watching a few episodes tonight, my mind wandered to whom I would choose to hang out with for a few hours and in which car. Here are my thoughts:

Comedian: There are many, many people who make me laugh as part of their job. But if I simply want to be entertained, I’ll watch them perform on TV, in a movie, or live. I’m going to drive around with this person for a few hours, so I think I’d prefer to choose someone who has displayed a natural sense of curiosity whenever they appear on talk shows. Someone like Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Patton Oswalt, Tina Fey, Ellie Kemper, or Jerry Seinfeld himself.

Car: My first instinct is a Tesla. I’m fascinated by Teslas (and self-driving cars in general). Though I’m a little hesitant to choose that as my car, because there’s a very good chance I’ll get to ride in a Teslas someday, which there’s very little chance I’ll get to drive in some of the old, classic cars that Seinfeld procures for the show. Though, honestly, the more I think about it, the more I just have to admit that I’m more interested in the future of cars than the past. So I’d want to try a car that hasn’t even been released yet (and that has a self-driving feature).

What’s your pick for a comedian and a car?

9 thoughts on “Which Comedian and Which Car?”

  1. I think Steve Carrell would be fun to hang out with so I’d probably pick him and make a bunch of Office references. Of course I would have to keep up with the theme and get a Chrysler Sebring convertible. 🙂

  2. Admittedly, I don’t know much about comedians. I just learned this morning (via some googling) that Patton Oswalt is not Jack Osbourne (son of Ozzie)…I know that’s some careless name association on my part/it’s not even that close, but this just illustrates how little I follow comedians. I digress, however. I’m going to choose Sarah Silverman and break the rules a bit and go with a train–that way I don’t have to concentrate on driving and perhaps there’ll be some interesting scenery if I run out of topics to raise.


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