World Cup: My Thoughts So Far

I’ve really, really enjoyed World Cup 2018 so far. There are some caveats, but for the most part I’ve been surprised by how often I’ve been drawn back to the TV to watch “just 5 more minutes.” This is one of the few occasions since I started running my company full-time that I haven’t been as disciplined as I should be during the work day.

Here are a few random thoughts so far:

  • VAR: For the first time, the World Cup features instant replay on specific types of plays. It hasn’t been used often, but it’s been a factor in a few penalty kicks. Oddly enough, even after using VAR, I’ve seen the ref make some iffy calls. I think it’s a testament to how easily players choose to go down when inside the 18-yard box that makes it difficult for the referee–even while using VAR–to make the right call.
  • Stress:  It hit me today that I’m super stressed by this World Cup. I can really feel the tension and the stakes, which is awesome, but it’s almost been too much at times. I can only imagine how it must feel to have your country’s team in the competition!
  • Parity: I love that every team has the chance to win at the World Cup. Of the top 10 teams, only 2 of them won their opening match! That means great things for the second and third games of the group stage, as many teams will be going all-out instead of playing for a tie. It would be awesome to see some smaller, lower-ranked countries advance deep into the tournament.

Have you enjoyed the World Cup so far? If you’re in the US, have you found yourself rooting for another country or just for entertaining games?