Are You Making Progress on Your Bucket List?

I’ve kept a running bucket list–things I want to do during my life–for many years now. I’ve added things to the list, dropped things from the list, and achieved several of them.

That said, I rarely look at the list, despite it often being in my field of vision. So I thought I’d write about it today and try to figure out what I should do next, as I’d really like to check at least one of these off the list each year.

  • fly of my own volition: Specifically, I want to fly in a jetpack, though I would consider a drone taxi.
  • swim with dolphins: I’d like to commune with some of the smartest animals on the planet. I’ve heard that it’s an extremely gratifying experience.
  • visit Star Wars World: This bucket list item used to be the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. While I’d still like to go there, I’ve realized that I really want a full Westworld-level immersion into an alternate universe. From what I’ve seen so far, that’s what Star Wars World will do.
  • eat at a Top Chef restaurant: Technically I have achieved this during a trip to Austin a few years ago. However, it was essentially a food truck, which is fine, but I’d like to take it up a notch for slightly nicer fare.
  • go to Fallingwater: Done! I love Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, and this was my grail location. Fortunately I was able to visit here in my 20s.
  • be my own boss: Done! Though it’s interesting to see this on the list, because when I usually hear people say this, it seems like they’re saying, “I don’t want to take orders from anyone else.” Avoiding direction isn’t something I look down on; rather, I think I just wanted to start and run a business, which I’m currently doing.
  • write a novel: Done! This used to be “publish a novel,” but I’m happy just to have written one from start to finish, and perhaps someday it will be published. Also, I did write a book that was published–it just isn’t a novel. And I wrote a screenplay, which wasn’t on my list, but it was fun.
  • skinny dip: Done! Though this is too salacious of a story for the blog. 😉
  • sleep in a castle: Done! I stayed in a castle hotel during a trip to Ireland (Clontaf, specifically) years ago. Though I’d like to do it again, as my room just felt like a regular hotel room.
  • produce a board game: Done!
  • hang out with mini horses: I’ve removed much more serious endeavors from the list, but quite frankly, I like a little silliness in my life. I think mini horses are amazing, and I want to hang out with them. Li’l Sebastian, anyone?
  • eat Neapolitan pizza in Naples: This needs to happen.
  • tell people to “look under their seats” and have a surprise waiting for them: Basically, I want to pull an Oprah. It just sounds fun to do. I’m not sure what I want to put under the seats…it probably depends on the venue.

Of these, hanging out with mini horses is probably the easiest to accomplish. I just need to find some mini horses who want to hang out.

What’s on your bucket list, both in terms of what you’ve achieved and what you haven’t?