Have You Ever Fainted?

Today a man walked into a Red Cross in St. Louis, felt a needle prick his finger, and fainted to the floor.

Fortunately, I was not that man. I was the guy who was waiting to donate blood while that man was revived. While I never saw him, apparently he was a big fella–350 pounds, 6’6″–and when the needle touched his skin, he was out like a light. He slid down onto the floor, and they couldn’t move him while they revived him.

I learned all this from my attendant while successfully donating blood, something I do twice a year on my birthday and half birthday (today was the half birthday). While I’ve never come close to fainted, I always try to stay aware of how I feel, particularly when I stand up after finishing. I wonder, though, that if my body needed to faint, if I would feel it coming at all.

So I’m curious: Have you ever fainted? Did you feel it coming? Did you crash to the ground or slowly lower yourself?