Have You Seen the Movie “Game Night”?

Despite all of the things that can go wrong when I watch a movie in the theater, sometimes after watching a movie at home, I wish I could have seen it with an audience. Game Night is one of those movies.

I watched Game Night on DVD during dinner yesterday and today, and I loved it. It may be the best dark comedy I’ve ever seen (unless There’s Something About Mary counts as a dark comedy. That’s one of my favorites).

It’s funny throughout, it keeps you guessing, it’s self-referential, it has a number of callback jokes that are set up early in the film, and it features tons of dramatic irony (I think that’s the term for when the audience knows something the characters do not). Oh, and the credits are amazing, right up there with the 22 Jump Street credits.

I heard it was good when it was released, and I have no excuse for not seeing it then. As much fun as I had watching it at home (despite Biddy not getting any of the jokes), it would have been even more amazing laughing together with other people.

I felt the same way after watching Get Out on DVD. Getting scared with a bunch of people is just as good (fortunately, I did see A Quiet Place in the theater, which was awesome).

Have you ever regretted not seeing a movie in the theater? And if you’ve seen Game Night, what did you think?

PS. I wish the movie had featured one–just one–modern hobby game.

6 thoughts on “Have You Seen the Movie “Game Night”?”

  1. I watched game night alone at home recently too! I def wish I at least had watched it with someone. And I wish they had some modern games also! Good movie tho. Definitely wasn’t as predictable as I expected throughout.

  2. I saw it in theaters and loved it too! I went in with very low expectations and basically saw it just because it called Game Night. Like you said it really was funny throughout, something that can’t be said for many comedies. Jesse Plemmons as Gary stole the show for me and loved the gag with the ongoing glass table gag. My wife got me the DVD for Father’s Day so we’ll be watching it on my upcoming family vacation! 🙂

    • Ha ha…there were a few great gags like that, and I agree about Plemmons. I want to walk around holding Biddy like that whenever I answer the door from now on.

  3. We saw it in theatres and it was awsome! One of the best comedies in recent times imo. I laughed a bit inside reading your P.S because despite the laughs, the whole time I was watching the movie I was thinking the same thing! (Soon enough we’ll see Scythe in a feature film;)


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