How Long Is Your Ideal Nap?

I’m so groggy that I can barely write this blog post.

I work from home, so every now and then I’ll take an afternoon nap when my brain and body call for it. Even though weekends are the same as weekdays to me in terms of my work schedule, I would say a nap is slightly more likely to happen on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon than other days.

My parents swear by 20-minute power naps, but for me, I just fall asleep and wake up naturally. Over the years I’ve found that this results in a 2-hour nap.

Yes, 2 hours! I’m guessing that’s quite long for what some people consider a nap. But the whole point of a nap is to recharge and refresh yourself, right? If I take 2 hours out of my standard 13-hour work day so the other 11 hours can be super productive, I think that’s a good use of time (as long as it doesn’t become a daily habit).

However, I’ve discovered that a partial nap is way worse than no nap at all. That’s what happened today. I took a 1-hour nap, and I’ve been almost entirely useless since then. I will be amazed if this blog post makes any sense. It’s going to be an early bedtime in the Stegmaier household tonight.

What’s your ideal nap length? What happens if your nap is cut short?