Nobody Puts Baby in an Uber

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent a few days in Seattle last week, primarily to see my brother and his new baby. My niece is 3 months old, and my brother has ample paternity leave; his wife was mostly working when I was in town.

I wanted to spend a lot of time with my niece, so she went with us pretty much everywhere…which proved, at times, to be rather difficult. How in the world do people travel with babies?

Aside from general baby stuff (lengthy feeding, constant attention, random naps), I realized just how hard it is to move from place to place with an infant in tow.

As an adult, I have a bevy of options available to me: I can walk, ride a bike, hail an uber, take the bus, etc. But if you have a baby with you, your options are much more limited. Walking is fine–in fact, we took a nice hike near Puget Sound, and I wanted some baby time, so we strapped the baby to my chest. It was quite nice, and I’d like to try it with Walter and Biddy.

Bikes? Nope. You can’t just hop on a Limebike with a baby in one arm. Uber? No again. Babies need proper seats for safety reasons. So that leaves public transportation, which is perfectly fine…it’s just that the bus stop or train hub could be quite far from where you are and where you need to go.

I already have two cats–one of which is diabetic–who depend on me and limit my freedom to a certain extent. In a way, my cats have made me want a human child much less than before, given those constraints. But Seattle was the first time I realized just how far those constraints can go. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing–my niece is absolutely precious–but it made me really appreciate my freedom of movement.

Have you ever traveled with an infant? What’s the secret to your success?