2 Recent Sports Videos That Made My Jaw Drop

In the last 2 weeks, there were two sports-related clips that absolutely amazed me. One I watched after after it went viral, and the other I watched in “real time” on the TV.

I’ll start with the latter. The context is that I was watching American Ninja Warrior with a few friends. It’s the first week of the finals, and the course was really, really difficult. Contestants had 2:25 to make it through a course that many athletes failed at midway through.

When you watch this clip, keep in mind that almost every other athlete who even had chance at completing the course had 1:30 remaining when they exited the jumping spider. And those athletes were still wearing shoes.

Just the fact that this a clip on YouTube is a spoiler in itself. I can tell you, watching it “live,” we had absolutely no doubt that Jamie would either fall or run out of time. Especially since he spins around twice on the propeller and is still in shock several obstacles later. By the end of the run, we were cheering, crying, and high fiving. It’s legitimate one of the best sporting moments of my life.

The second clip is just as dramatic. The context is that there was 1 minute remaining in this soccer game, and DC United earned a corner kick in a tied game. They sent all of their players into the box, including their keeper. Then this happens:

I love seeing this type of effort from a player. But to not only save the game with his tackle but also to assist on the winning goal as time expired…that was truly stunning. It could not have been better scripted in a movie.

What do you think of these clips? What’s the most jaw-dropping sporting moment you’ve witnessed (or watched later)?