Do You Get Sick at the Same Time Each Year?

Today I came down with a head cold. It’s not a big deal, just annoying. I’ll get over it in a day or so.

In fact, I didn’t deviate from my normal Tuesday schedule of watching American Ninja Warrior with a few friends. While we were watching, one of them mentioned an annual event coming up this weekend, and it hit me: I got sick at the exact same time last year (I missed the event).

Why is this? What does it mean? Is my body on some kind of an annual cycle where it wears down this time of year and needs to reset? Or is it related to the convention I attended a few weeks ago (and at the same time last year)? Normally I would immediately attribute it to “con crud,” but I would think it would strike days after the convention, not weeks.

Have you ever encountered anything like this? If so, have you figured out a way to prevent it? Perhaps I need to spend mid-August each year in an isolation chamber filled with vitamin C and baby spinach.