How Do You Like Your Oysters?

I recently realized that I’m intrigued by oysters.

Part of this epiphany came from realizing that I don’t dislike oysters. They’ve never really been a part of my life–I’ve seen them at restaurants, but I’ve only ordered them once or twice ever.

I’m sure there are oyster connoisseurs out there who like very specific oysters with no other fixings or toppings. But what I realized is that I really like oysters baked with cheese, sauce, and other toppings.

So when I realized this, I set a date to go to the Broadway Oyster Bar here in St. Louis, as they offer 9 different styles of oysters. I figured I would try as many varieties as possible (aided by a sampler platter) and know from then on which one was my favorite.

That night was tonight, and I ended up trying the following varieties:

  • Rockefeller: baked with spinach, bacon, cream, and cheese
  • Cardinale: baked with cajun crawfish cream sauce and cheese
  • Bienville: baked with spicy shrimp, parmesan, and mushroom cream sauce
  • Char-grilled: open-flame grilled with garlic butter, Creole spices, and parmesan

I didn’t try–but, in hindsight, should have–the fried oysters. I’ve had Broadway’s fried alligator in the past, and their breading mix is really delicious, so it would have translated well to the oysters.

Given the 4 varieties I ate, I think my favorite was Bienville. A close second would be the char-grilled oysters (even though they had the fewest fixins’), followed by Rockefeller, then Cardinale. Though if I returned, I would probably be tempted to get the sampler platter again for the variety it offers.

If you like oystersa, what’s your favorite style?

7 thoughts on “How Do You Like Your Oysters?”

  1. Man Jamie you are speaking my language, and i’m jealous of this restaurant. It sounds amazing but living in NJ, I think it is a bit too far to get to.

    I dont claim to be an expert but Kumamoto oysters are so far and by far my favorite. They are smaller but have this great sweetness to them that really stands out.

    I like mine on the simpler side usually, so I go for a spicy thin sliced cucumber salad on the oyster.
    The cucumber really complimemts the pyster then the heat just really rounds out the experiemce nicely.

    Then again grilled/smoked oysers with a bit of chorizo and the slightest toucj of white wine are crazy good too

      • They spawn during summer and it changes the texture and taste — they end up plumper, wattery, and less flavorful. The adage is to only eat oysters in the ‘R’ months (so not May-August).

        • That’s very good to know! That’s a good excuse for me to return in September (I guess I wasn’t too far off).


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