What’s Your Favorite Non-S’more S’more?

Have you noticed that more and more companies are offering non-s’more s’mores each year, particularly in the summer (the time of campfires)?

I don’t mind this at all. I love s’mores, but I rarely find myself around a campfire, so I’m open to alternatives.

Recently I’ve eaten 3 types of non-s’more s’mores:

  • s’more Oreos
  • s’more Graeter’s ice cream
  • s’more Girl Scout cookies

The latter two were quite delicious, but the s’more Oreos have a very odd texture to them. The key to a good s’more alternative is gooey–not hard or gummy–marshmallow (or marshmallow equivalent). The “marshmallows” in the s’more Oreos are crispy.

Of the three, I think I’ll give a slight edge to the Graeter’s ice cream, but it’s a close call. The Girl Scouts did a good job with these cookies.

What’s your favorite non-s’more s’more?

2 Responses to “What’s Your Favorite Non-S’more S’more?”

  1. Emma says:

    Ices Plain and Fancy in my neighborhood makes S’mores ice cream (all their ice cream is flash frozen with liquid nitrogen right in front of you, it’s hilarious) and it includes them literally lighting stuff on fire to infuse it with smokey flavor. It’s absolutely delicious and basically dinner and a show. https://www.instagram.com/p/9jofW6wahN/?taken-by=icesplainandfancy

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