What’s Your Favorite Non-S’more S’more?

Have you noticed that more and more companies are offering non-s’more s’mores each year, particularly in the summer (the time of campfires)?

I don’t mind this at all. I love s’mores, but I rarely find myself around a campfire, so I’m open to alternatives.

Recently I’ve eaten 3 types of non-s’more s’mores:

  • s’more Oreos
  • s’more Graeter’s ice cream
  • s’more Girl Scout cookies

The latter two were quite delicious, but the s’more Oreos have a very odd texture to them. The key to a good s’more alternative is gooey–not hard or gummy–marshmallow (or marshmallow equivalent). The “marshmallows” in the s’more Oreos are crispy.

Of the three, I think I’ll give a slight edge to the Graeter’s ice cream, but it’s a close call. The Girl Scouts did a good job with these cookies.

What’s your favorite non-s’more s’more?

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