Which Types of Next-Day Events Cause You to Not Sleep Well?

When I was growing up–really, through my early 20s–I can’t recall having sleep issues. When I went to bed, I slept soundly throughout the night.

The one event that caused me to not sleep well as a kid was Christmas. On Christmas Eve, I was incredibly nervous. I would lay awake for most of the night, worried about Santa’s logistics and running odds that burglars would sneak into the house on the most lucrative night of the year.

As an adult with 2 cats, a halfway decent night of sleep is a rare commodity. But there are now more events than in my childhood for me to stress about, and they can result in nights of fitful sleeplessness (like last night). Here are a few such nights:

  • travel: If I’m traveling the next day, for some reason I get really nervous and don’t sleep well. This is particularly bad if I’m driving long distance, because I really need to sleep well before that.
  • public speaking: I will often not sleep well for weeks leading up to a public speaking engagement.
  • business announcement: This was the case today–I’ve been preparing for months for  today’s announcement of our new game. It’s kind of a nervous excitement, as I was eager to share the secret I’ve kept for so long, but also stressed that the dozen or so things that needed to happen today would happen as perfectly as possible.

Are there any next-day events that cause you not to sleep well? Have you figured out any ways to trick yourself into getting a deep sleep despite those events?