My Top 3 Saturday Night Live Sketches of the Week

I wasn’t allowed to watch SNL as a kid, but as an adult, I look forward to watching new episodes each week. As inspired by Slashfilm’s weekly rundown, this season I thought I’d share my top 3 favorite sketches of the week whenever I remember to do so. I’ll post my commentary below each video so you can watch each one unspoiled if you’d like.

3. Coffee Shop

I think this is the second time SNL has run this type of sketch, and each time I’ve really gotten a kick out of how intensely defiant the couple is. The other couples and the host don’t get much screentime, but most of their lines work in a supporting role.

2. New Look

Overall, I thought this sketch was just fine…until the scene with the duel. I LOVE the idea that the SNL cast settles disputes with medieval-style one-on-one combat. Stonemaier Games will consider adopting this policy in the future.

1. Career Day

In my opinion, this is an instant classic that works almost entirely because of Adam Driver’s intensity throughout. It works for Kylo Ren, and it works here too.

As an honorable mention, the cold open with Matt Damon made me laugh too.

What was your favorite SNL sketch this week?

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