One Kit-Kat for Game Night: Leave It or Eat It?

A few weeks ago, I bought a few big bags of Halloween candy for game night (yes, for some reason Halloween candy is already in the grocery store). In the days that followed game night, I continued to eat the candy from time to time. It’s what I do.

The day of the next game night arrives, and I realize in the afternoon that this is all the candy that is remaining from the original stash:

One Kit-Kat. That’s it.

So I had a tough choice: Is it better to eat the Kit-Kat or leave it for one of my guests?

Let’s put aside the fact that Kit-Kats are delicious, because that applies to either answer (someone–whether it’s me or a friend–is going to eat the Kit-Kat). In fact, if I’m looking after my guests, the least I can do is leave the Kit-Kat. It’s just one, but it’s better than nothing.

Or is it? Is it possible that a single piece of candy is worse than no candy at all? Because if there’s only one Kit-Kat, people are going to see it, but only one person will eat it. If there’s no Kit-Kat at all, then people are blissfully ignorant to the idea that there ever was a Kit-Kat in the first place.

I decided not to eat it. One of my friends ate it, and all was good.

What would do? Leave the Kit-Kat or eat it?