One Kit-Kat for Game Night: Leave It or Eat It?

A few weeks ago, I bought a few big bags of Halloween candy for game night (yes, for some reason Halloween candy is already in the grocery store). In the days that followed game night, I continued to eat the candy from time to time. It’s what I do.

The day of the next game night arrives, and I realize in the afternoon that this is all the candy that is remaining from the original stash:

One Kit-Kat. That’s it.

So I had a tough choice: Is it better to eat the Kit-Kat or leave it for one of my guests?

Let’s put aside the fact that Kit-Kats are delicious, because that applies to either answer (someone–whether it’s me or a friend–is going to eat the Kit-Kat). In fact, if I’m looking after my guests, the least I can do is leave the Kit-Kat. It’s just one, but it’s better than nothing.

Or is it? Is it possible that a single piece of candy is worse than no candy at all? Because if there’s only one Kit-Kat, people are going to see it, but only one person will eat it. If there’s no Kit-Kat at all, then people are blissfully ignorant to the idea that there ever was a Kit-Kat in the first place.

I decided not to eat it. One of my friends ate it, and all was good.

What would do? Leave the Kit-Kat or eat it?

10 thoughts on “One Kit-Kat for Game Night: Leave It or Eat It?”

  1. Definitely should have eaten it! Maybe it’s the parent in me but I always think that if there are not enough for everyone, it’s better to act like there is none at all! Speaking of candy, have you tried the Coffee Crisps?

  2. I would have eaten it, or put it in the freezer to eat a different day. This situation comes up all the time with my 3 kids. It’s not that it’s bad for them to learn that there isn’t always enough to go around, but candy or desert or whatever isn’t really something they all need anyway… rather than get people churned up, dispose of the evidence 😉

  3. I would have either eaten it, or put it in the cupboard until I bought more for the next game day. If you had other assorted snacks, you could have put it with them, but one lone Kit-Kat is kind of sad if you have many people over and that’s all there is to eat.


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