Pet Please #154: Flights (of Food/Drink)

I really like flights of food and beverages.

If you’re not familiar with this term, it’s when a restaurant or bar serves you an array of sample-size options for the same drink or dish. For example, a classic flight is 4 small glasses of different beers.

I love flights because they let you try a variety of options in small doses. I’m often indecisive at restaurants, so I like having an array of choices in front of me (both in the form of flights and sampler platters).

That said, I haven’t had many flights. Just beer, wine, ketchup, and ice cream. I’d like to try more. Have you seen other versions of flights on menus around the world? Have you tried them? What’s your take on flights?

6 thoughts on “Pet Please #154: Flights (of Food/Drink)”

  1. I’ve never tried an actual flight (I’m not much of a drinker and it seems they’re usually associated with alcohol here) but my wife and I did go to a Wine Bar in downtown New Orleans for a date night last year and it was quite nice. They had dozens of wine bottles along the walls from all regions of the world and you could buy them by the ounce so you could afford trying a bunch of different and a whole glass if you found something you really liked. Now, a food-based flight sounds perfect for me. I’m curious though, what’s a ketchup flight like?

    • That does sound nice! I like to be able to try things in small doses.

      A ketchup flight is when you order fries and they come with 3 or 4 different types of house-made ketchup. It’s great.

    • Charles, which place was it? If you’re ever back, highly recommend Bacchanal!

      Inspired by beer flights, sometimes we’ll bring a “flight” of beer breads to a party, it’s an incredibly easy thing to make and fun to compare them 🙂

  2. Jamey,

    I absolutely love flights as it provides me with an array of beer/wine/ice cream that I might not otherwise try.



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